Selecting and Prioritizing Home Improvements!



Making regular improvements to your home is one of the joys of being a homeowner.  There is a satisfaction in having updated a part of the home, installed new and attractive materials or improved the appearance of the property or structure.   This is one reason people are eagerly attracted to publications and programs that discuss home improvements… it gives them ideas and a sense of achievement when they are able to apply those ideas to their personal residence.


However, most people are incapable of achieving all the improvements desired either for reasons of economics or basic feasibility.  They must identify the improvements they desire and determine what should be done in order of importance.  Surprisingly, this process is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds; frequently people find themselves considering improvements whose level of importance may seem questionable when prioritized against the availability of funds for the project or the level of need.  For example, a family may spend a large amount of cash to upgrade a kitchen or bath while deferring essential heating unit repair or replacement.  Or they may have a new patio installed when the interior wiring may need upgrading.


A first step is to make a list of desired improvements; this can range from getting new floor mats or bath fixtures to lighting the closets where you keep your best new clothing and outfits from Rue 21.  You then put the tasks in the list into basic categories.  Some improvements are cosmetic, including interior painting and outdoor landscaping.  Others make life easier by establishing or adding designated spaces like a workroom, extra bathroom, utility space or laundry room.  And others are essential to basic daily living, like good plumbing and drainage, power and wiring, roofing, and heating.  Once you list is divided into these categories you can identify which projects are “most needed” – is the kitchen ceiling leak more important than more freezer space?  Or does your need for walk-in closets outweigh your need for larger bathroom space?  Once you’ve worked out these priorities you can see if the work can be done yourself, or if a professional is preferable.  And try saving on a project by using a Groupon coupon to get materials and supplies at substantial discounts.  Doing this listing and prioritizing makes it easier to identify and schedule the work to be done in a systematic and economic fashion.